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‘they don’t make them like this anymore’:

2019 Note:  the comment above has sadly become true – this brilliant product is no longer manufactured due to the passing of the inventor…..  for spares see footnote.

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While the domestic boiler industry has been busy developing complex new condensing boilers, with aluminium downward firing heat exchangers and NASA grade electronics, a boiler manufacturer in Wiltshire has been watching with bemusement. Because there is nothing ‘new’ in condensing boiler technology.

During his demonstration to a live audience at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London in 1982, Archie Kidd described how his ‘Model 1’ condensing boiler could achieve huge energy savings whilst having a projected design life of 25 -30 years.

Archie Kidd, inventor of Kidd boilers

Some 34 years on, Archie Kidd’s claims proved to be correct. Most of his early boilers are still earning their keep and the company (now run by his son, Adam) continues to manufacture the design today. A few changes have been made over the intervening years, the most notable being a change in colour, from red to white.

What surprises industry professionals is that these superbly engineered but almost electronics-free boilers are amongst the most efficient on the market in 2012 (oil fired units are SEDBUK A rated).

The Archie Kidd range covers models for medium sized houses starting at 90,000Btu, up to boilers for very large commercial premises. All the boilers are floor standing – and will not fit inside a kitchen unit! They are ideally located in a garage or utility room.

Kidd boiler installations in Tonbridge, Oxted and Edenbridge, KentWhen one takes into account the longevity and reliability track record of these units, they represent an excellent investment.   However, this is before you factor in ‘standing losses’, an important calculation – not fully anticipated in the SEDBUK test routine. The Kidd design is highly insulated, which means the boiler fires less often. Even the circulation pump is intentionally located within the insulated heatstore area, to minimise heat loss from pump body and capture electrically created heat from the motor windings.

They are solid engineering; no pointless adornments, designed to do the job, and made to last.

Where there are problems with flues, Kidd can design and manufacture a bespoke system out of aluminium; this has been particularly useful with listed buildings.

Available in oil or gas versions, we are your regional experts. We’ve carried out Kidd boiler installations across Kent and the surrounding areas.

If your property needs a reliable but simple boiler we would be pleased to make a site visit and advise you. We can provide boiler installation for Edenbridge and Oxted plus any of the surrounding areas. Contact us to arrange a visit or to find out more information.

Please note that we only usually offer servicing and repairs to Kidd units we have installed.

2016: Important Update

We are sad to report that Mr MA Kidd passed away, aged 73, in February 2016.

As far as we know, this is the final chapter in the history of Kidd Boilers.

Adam Kidd was a great character, a strong thinker, never one to be swayed by popular opinion, with a twinkle of eccentricity, and always fascinating to talk to.

Above all he was an honest, honourable man, dedicated to reducing unnecessary wastage of fuel and materials – our industry will be a smaller, less exciting place without him.

SD, March 2016

Archie Kidd Parts and Servicing:

Two of the original Kidd Boilers team offer servicing in the Wiltshire area, and possibly slightly further afield by arrangement.

They also have a stock of some Kidd boiler parts, call Baden or Tom on 01380 850764.

SD, November 2018

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Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017