Cellar Boiler in ground floor flat refurbishment

The old Potterton Netaheat had failed and had been sited in a very rough fashion halfway down some cellar steps. The hot water cylinder was located above the cellar on a raised floor, which would have been the first landing of the stairs in the Victorian property’s original layout. Sited in Caterham, Surrey, it would be fair to say that the heating system had been bodged up by the previous owner, along with the electrical work.  Various leaking parts had seen the attention of a silicon mastic gun, including radiator valves. Our customer rather liked the idea of fitting a […]


Low flow rate solved for Vaillant 937 installation

Our customer, in Woldingham, Surrey, had recently purchased a property with a conventional tank fed water system. They wished to remove a couple of shower pumps and the water tanks and install a direct fed pressurized water system.  The problem was that the water flow rate into the property was around 9-10 litres per minute.  There was also a limited space to fit the entire boiler plant into. We had to boost the flow rate as well as provide the new boiler plant, all within a single cupboard.  We chose to fit a wall hung Vaillant ecoTEC 937, which is […]


DPS Heatstore solves loft conversion challenge

    The house pictured, located in Croydon, Surrey UK,  was being extended into the loft space.  The loft tanks for the hot water system and radiator header tanks had to be removed to make way for the new accommodation. Our challenge was to provide a new heating and high pressure cold & hot water system in an 1900mm high cellar, which could replicate the shower performance of the existing powerful pumped tank fed system in the loft.  Furthermore, it should support the use of extra bathrooms in the loft area. This project raised a number of challenging problems.  We could have […]


Water Mains boost for Crystal Palace house No2!

Having transformed the water supply next door, we were invited to carry out the same task on this property. A TCWS Charger and mainsboost system was fitted, connected to an existing Gledhill Boilermate III heat store. Now all the showers work on all floors.  Charger/Mainsboost is a specialised water boosting product which utilises the ruling that water can be pumped from the mains at up to 12 litres per minute.  The water authorities are very particular at how this can be done, and in order to get approvals the manufacturer took around two years perfecting the design to prevent any […]


Low pressure water solution in Crystal Palace

Our customer lives in an area of Crystal Palace where the water supplier has in the last 12 months reduced the pressure in the mains. This has resulted in a pressure just above 1bar on the lower ground floor;  this house is on 4 stories and there are bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  The result was that the bath took ages to fill, the shower on the 3rd floor could not be used, and the shower on the 2nd floor was poor. Protests to Thames Water from most of the residents in the immediate area did not result […]


Replacement water system in cellar for multi bathroom residence

ºOur customer has a large 3 storey Victorian detached property in Dulwich. In common with many houses in this area, an old gravity fed hot and cold water system using loft tanks was employed.  Our customer wished to gradually update his house to new mains pressure fed bathrooms, using European high pressure taps, and wisely didn’t fancy the prospect of shower pumps. He also wanted to make use of the loft space currently occupied by the large water tanks, and remove the old copper hot water storage cylinder on the 1st floor to make room for another shower. Our brief was […]


Major refurbishment in Woldingham, Surrey

Our client has bought a 1960s house in the well regarded village of Woldingham, Surrey, and embarked on a major remodelling of all services and interiors. When finished, the building will incorporate a modern kitchen, and comprehensively remodelled interiors. We have assisted our customer in the selection of the heating system, but they have also contributed much to the specification, including the innovative Jaga Strada ‘low H20’ high efficiency radiators. HWCH will be fitting a large underfloor heating grid on the ground floor, a 46Kw Viessmann 200 series light commercial boiler, accumulator boosted DualStream hot and cold water system, all controlled […]


Water pressure system in Bletchingley

This job was in a large house which had two open flued water heaters on the 1st floor providing hot water to the bathrooms. Our customer wanted the old gas appliances removed for safety reasons, and also desired a mains pressure system to feed his new baths and showers, instead of the noisy and unreliable pumped system. We recommended a DualStream accumulator fed unvented system.  The accumulator (which boosts the available water flow rate in the house) was fitted in one airing cupboard, and a 300 litre unvented cylinder was fitted in the other. The accumulator fed system discharges water […]


3 bathrooms from a Combination boiler in Oxted, Surrey!

Our client had a delightful detached house in a secluded road in Oxted, Surrey. The house had been extended into the loft, and had ended up with three luxury bathrooms.  Unfortunately, the hot water storage cylinder was jammed under the stairs and was too small.  And there were three separate shower pumps (each installed by plumbers with every new bathroom). The shower pumps were noisy, one was a negative head type (so it suffered from running for short periods in the middle of the night), the hot water cylinder could not be sited anywhere else, and the water tanks took […]


Accumulators replace break tanks in Headley, Surrey

Our client in Headley, Surrey had two large open tanks in their basement boiler room, equipped with two Stuart Turner whole house pumps. Twin pumped hot and cold water via break tank Like many houses in the UK, they had found that their pressurised hot and cold water system (using a pair of existing Megaflo cylinders) could not deliver two bathrooms worth of usable water at the same time. So they installed the break tank system, which trickle fills an open tank from the mains, and when a tap is opened, one of the two pumps starts. This is the old fashioned […]

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Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017