Improving water supply and Acorn heating pipework issues

Our customer lives in a remote rural location near Warlingham, in Surrey, UK. They asked us to provide a proposal to update their old Grant boiler. Interestingly, it had rotted through a few years previously, and their heating technician had located a comparatively healthy heat secondhand heat exchanger in Cornwall, which he had successfully fitted. The ladder type steel radiators suffered from perpetual air and some had stopped working, others had lost the upper sections and were partially cold, something which venting could not cure. I was intrigued because although the system was fitted with a header tank, there was […]


A new Worcester Danesmoor, MultiCalor Warm Air, Radiators, Water pressure boosting…..

Today we are in a rural property in the Edenbridge/Tonbridge area of Kent. Our customer has recently moved back to the UK from working abroad.  He has bought a detached house in the middle of the Kent countryside. The subject of an extensive makeover in the last 20 years, this property had a Lennox oil fired warm air unit in the cellar, a Worcester standard efficiency boiler in the external cupboard, and a conventional hot water system. The warm air system was around 20 years old, and covered the two reception rooms , kitchen and hall areas. It was very […]


William Pitt the Younger’s house

The focus of our case study is a listed building in Westerham, Kent, which was once the residence of William Pitt the younger. Westerham is a small town steeped in history, and features Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill, Downe House, home to Charles Darwin, and Squerryes Court.  Chevening, the deputy prime minister’s estate, is just down the road. Featuring timbers that are believed to date back to the 13th century, in more recent times William Pitts’ former house has been an upmarket restaurant, and an Indian fine dining eaterie. The present owners purchased the property in a state of dilapidation, […]


Commercial boiler Design and Installation at premier Surrey Golf Club

Tandridge Golf Club was designed by the renowned Harry Colt in 1924, and today is judged as one of the top 100 golf courses in the UK. Situated in a rural location near Oxted, in Surrey (UK), it has a thriving membership and is a beautiful course; the main club buildings date from 1928 and have been carefully retained to the present day (unfortunately the first clubhouse burnt down in 1927, exacerbated by the thatched roof). It is popular every day, with golfers seemingly happy to battle in all weathers at all times of the year, perhaps encouraged by the excellent dining […]


End of terrace in Sevenoaks with water flow issues

We were called to an interesting refurbishment in Ide Hill, near Sevenoaks, Kent.   The house was in a very rural location at the end of a terrace of four victorian cottages. We couldn’t take any decent photos of the house at the time of the job because it was covered in scaffolding! The property was being updated and renovated;  as space was tight the customer wanted to remove water tanks and the hot water cylinder from the house and at the same time replace the old oil boiler in a shed on the other side of the entrance pathway. […]


Hot Water & Central Heating and The Raw Chef

This week, we’ve been working in Brixton, in South London, in a converted factory building close to a windmill. I’ve been to Brixton countless times, and although I appreciate it is a trendy area, I never realised they had a full sized windmill.  If you want to know more about the Brixton Windmill (or don’t believe there is a Windmill in Brixton) see here. The factory was converted in around 2003, and each unit was designed differently inside. With 4m high ceilings, enormous glass brick windows and concrete screeded floors, this is an amazing, unique property conversion. It is home […]


Dorking house water supply transformation

This week we are working in Dorking, Surrey.  Our customer has what was probably once a gate house, in a beautiful part of the country, adjacent to National Trust land. Living in the country has its benefits, but services one takes for granted in a built up area are often not provided, such as mains drainage and a Natural Gas supply.  This property has neither (in common with mine!) but unfortunately it also has a poor water supply.  Sited nearly half a mile from the nearest main, the house is fed from a long pipe that during peak times reverts […]


Multiple showers now possible!

Mains pressure hot and cold water systems are great, but only if there is enough water.  If you don’t get enough water from your water main, running one outlet tends to stop another from working, which is rather irritating.  Mains pressure systems are those connected to combination boilers, unvented cylinders (some call these ‘Megaflow’) and heatstores. Our customer today has a Boilermate III, which is a Gledhill manufactured unit commonly found in newer houses built in the 1990-2009 era.  It uses a heatstore principle;  this is a large vat of permanently heated water from the boiler, which is used as […]


A few weeks next to the seaside

Here we have a large private residence in an exclusive area of Hove, near Brighton. Our client had just purchased the property, and engaged us following finding this blog on our web site. There were two main tasks;  firstly, one of the two boilers for the property had failed and was beyond economical repair. The second problem was the water supply.  The road is on the top of a hill overlooking the coast and the water flow rate was very poor, in the region of just 8 litres per minute.  The static pressure was also poor, varying between 1.0-1.5 bar. […]


The Full Monty

Our customer in Warlingham, Surrey, UK was having a substantial extension to the side and rear of the property. We were asked to specify a replacement for the existing Lennox warm air system, using a mixture of radiators and underfloor heating. Numerous bathrooms in the house and a new annexe were to be converted to mains pressure hot and cold water systems. We designed a four zone heating system, for maximum energy efficiency.  An unvented hot water system augmented by a TWS water boosting accumulator supplied the bathrooms.  A Worcester 30CDi boiler provided the engine room function. At the customer’s […]

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017