Our client, owner of a large private house near Leatherhead, had already used HWCH to replace a troublesome Keston LPG fired boiler in the swimming pool complex with a new Viessmann Vitodens 200 light commercial boiler.
The main property was oil fired and used an old Trianco kerosene boiler in the cellar.  This unit was an 8yr old inefficient boiler and was oversized for the property, being rated at 120Kw.
We proposed replacing this with a Kidd Very High Efficiency Model 260; this has an output of around 260,000Btu (around 76Kw).
Old Trianco boiler (you can’t buy cheaper) being inspected by Mr A Kidd (of Archie Kidd (Thermal) Ltd)
The old boiler (together with two others that were presumably too heavy to remove last time) were removed using a truck chassis mounted crane.
Kidd Model 260 oil boiler is craned into the basement boiler room with care

The Kidd unit was lowered into the cellar. From the open well we then moved the Kidd unit using steel rollers, to the final position.

It was found that the old boiler flue had been inserted into selective portions of the chimney, with other portions unlined.  The chimney had eight deviations making the liner replacement virtually impossible, so we arranged to remove brickwork down the flue length.
Some chimney lining work was required, necessitating scaffolding
A controls upgrade in the property using 3 zones of heating, each with new Honeywell CM907 programmable thermostats, allowed our customer to regulate energy usage according to the time of day, and the day of the week.
Honeywell CM907 programmable room thermostat
For instance, the upper floors would be heated to a lower temperature than the ground floor during the daytime.
This installation, completed 18 months ago, has been reported by our customer to be using approximately half the amount of oil previously required, whilst improving comfort levels.

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