Heritage Cookers (from Cornwall)

Hot Water & Central Heating are the local specialists in Heritage Cooker installation for Edenbridge and Oxted but we also cover the surrounding areas of Surrey, South London and parts of Kent and Sussex as well.

The Heritage Range:
Heritage Cookers, Cornwall range Cornwall has a long history of Range Cookers, which were commonplace in the 1800s when coal or wood were used as fuel.

Range Cooking delivers a different quality of food, due to the vented oven design and steady method of heat transfer.

Every new Heritage Range cooker is hand built in Liskeard, Cornwall.  Over 3000 have been sold.

You can view more details from the manufacturer here.

At the large Heritage showroom in Cornwall, you can see these cookers alongside those from other well known makes such as AGA, Rayburn etc.

Hot Water & Central Heating Ltd can arrange viewings of local installations in the Surrey and Kent area.

You can see a video introduction using our own cooker here

Constructed from iron and steel, but incorporating modern internal insulation techniques and pressure jet combustion, a Heritage Cooker delivers the time honoured and respected iron age experience without compromising convenience.

Energy Efficiency:
The Heritage Range cooker resolves two main disadvantages of “iron age” cooking;

  • energy consumption because they are ‘always on’
  • excessive summer heat in the kitchen

The Heritage Range cooker uses modern oil fired combustion technology.

Speed of response:
The pressure jet burner enables the standard 3 oven Heritage to be at full cooking temperature from cold in under 30 minutes.

Alternatively it can be left on a very low tickover heat (saving energy), in which case cooking temperatures can be reached in under 12 minutes.

Therefore Heritage is a cooker that can be turned off at night, or during the summer, knowing that it will be ready for work in just 30 minutes.

Control Panel:
Heritage Cookers Installation with Honeywell Hometronic digital timerHave your range cooker on when it suits you.  Save energy when you are not cooking.

For your convenience, the Heritage Range has an inbuilt Honeywell 7 day digital timer, concealed behind one of the doors.  It can be ready for cooking when you are.


Available in four different formats, there is a Heritage to address nearly every requirement. Due to the modern burners and construction, Heritage units need little maintenance.

cornwall range Heritage cooker installationOther oil fired cooker users may be surprised by the service intervals of a year, when some other manufacturers need attention every 6 months.

The cooker can be finished in chrome or brass, and can be supplied with chrome or body coloured enamelled domes.  A wide range of colourways are available, including a polished pewter finish.

Boiler option:
There is also an externally identical range of integrated cooker/boilers, so you can heat the house and do your cooking from a single beautiful cooker. Being of modern construction the cooker and boiler functions are entirely separately controllable, and go about their business almost silently.

The internal boiler uses up one oven slot, so the Heritage Standard with boiler has two ovens, the Heritage Grande has 4 ovens with a boiler.  Boilers are avialble in sizes up to 35Kw.

NB: Boilers within kitchen ranges are exempt from the ‘condensing only’ building regulations.  Heritage have a condensing model under test, but are not going to release it to market until they have tested it for a suitable time to be confident of its’ durability.

We would strongly advise anyone considering a range cooker to view a Heritage before considering any other heavyweight heatstore cooker; and join the thousands of satisfied owners in the UK.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017