Need Water Boosting for poor hot and cold water performance?

Need Water Boosting for poor hot and cold water performance?

Here at Hot Water & Central Heating we have many water boosting solutions for Oxted and Tonbridge plus the surrounding areas in Kent such as Edenbridge – all tackling the problems of low water flow and pressure in a variety of different ways. Before that, we’ll shed light on the possible reasons for a poor water main delivery.

Water boosting in KentThere are a number of properties in the UK suffering from a water supply issue. And, some of the reasons include:

  • Location of a property on top of a hill resulting in poor water supply
  • Partial flattening of pipework from the road because of subsidence or a recent new brick paved drive (compaction of the soil flattening the pipe)
  • Possibility of several properties sharing the same supply pipe
  • A low pressure maintained by the water supplier to cut down on leakage

My Megaflo (unvented cylinder) system encounters the sudden lack of water in the shower when the toilet is flushed!

The same problem could also take place at the time of running a bath and a shower. The reason is you’ve got an insufficient water supply from the road.

The installer you’ve hired should have checked the flow rate that was beyond 25 litres per minute before recommending you an unvented hot and cold water system.   This is because once the water tanks have been removed, everything in the house is being supplied from the incoming water main.  Although unvented systems will ‘work’ at 5 litres per minute, baths would take forever to fill, and the shower would be only just able to work on its own.

Surprisingly, we’ve visited plenty of properties where a pressurised hot and cold water system has been installed with the promise to deliver remarkable showers and fast bath fill performance and found that the actual performance has not matched the promise made.

Without measuring the water flow and pressure, if your installer has sold you an unvented system, he should have arrived on a horse, rather than turning up in a van.

My combination boiler shower stops functioning when the washing machine fills!

Once again, water coming in from the road plays a significant role in determining the usability of your combination boiler. Nowadays, lots of houses have switched to combination boilers and all taps have been connected to direct mains water supplies, without measuring the water supply performance in the first place.

In the end, the shower stops functioning when the washing machine fills up.

Enjoy Hotel Quality Baths and Shower Pressure

When you stay in a hotel, you would naturally expect invigorating showers and fast filling baths. If the shower didn’t work properly when the chef opened the sink tap, or the shower created a noise that woke up everybody else in the building, you would certainly complain.

However, many of us encounter the same problems at home and have no one to complain to.

Hot Water & Central Heating Ltd can help you in this matter by upgrading your hot and cold systems so that you can experience the same level of water performance as you would normally come across in a hotel. Our water pressure boosting solutions will function in a silent and cost-effective manner.

The Solutions

Water Boosting services in Edenbridge and Tonbridge, KentWe offer you four different options that are equipped to deal with nearly all contingencies. These are:

  • Mainsboost Accumulator
  • TCWS Charger & Accumulator
  • Salamader Homeboost
  • Scuba breaktank

With the help of these water boosting solutions, we can resolve your water problem, be it flow, pressure or both flow and pressure related.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017

Very good job

The job was very professionally undertaken on time and budget with no adverse issues raised. Customer satisfaction appeared to be a high priority.

Martin, Kent 25/04/2017


Truly excellent, as much technically as aesthetic: clean, prompt, going well beyond expectations.

Nicholas, Kent 14/04/2017

Commercial plumbing

A small to medium sized company capable of installing & maintaining a highly technical modernisation of our heating & h/w systems. The planning, execution & result was truly ‘excellent’.

A J, Surrey 04/04/2017

Very knowledgeable

We needed a replacement boiler & Simon talked us through the options, which manufacturer & what size to go for & saw through the installation, not leaving until he was satisfied that all was in order. All in all very, competent and professional.

Stephen, Kent 16/02/2017

Highly recommended

Not the cheapest but very knowledgeable which gave me confidence that the job would be well done and correctly done. I was not disappointed.

Geoffrey, Kent 06/02/2017

Good standard of work with an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction

This firm installed a 12 zone Honeywell Evohome central heating and hot water control system for us in October 2014. The quotation was clear and detailed, and the price reasonable. The installation work was personally overseen by the boss, Simon, who also set the rather complex (but powerful) wireless control system to work and gave clear advice on how to get the best from it. He had in-depth knowledge and experience of the control system that is probably second to none. The firm also installed and connected to our boiler a plinth fan heater nicely hidden under a kitchen cupboard Read more…

Mike 28/11/2016

Employed this trader many times

Started and finished on time. Workmanship as good as ever. prices reasonable.

Peter, Surrey 24/05/2016

Smart solution, neatly implemented

Great technical solution to the tricky replacement of a 1980’s warm air unit. Starting with a clear and comprehensive quotation. Careful and tidy installation with minimal disruption. Excellent communication throughout the work.

Martin, Surrey 21/03/2016

Clean + tidy

HWCH installed our boiler a few years ago and have looked after it ever since so I was happy to leave them in the house unaccompanied. We came home to find the installation complete and no mess or trace they had been.

Bryan, London 15/12/2015

Prompt and efficient. Very professional.

My son recommended this firm as I was very apprehensive about having a new boiler. Mr Davies was very clean and helpful and explained everything. The two men who did must of the work were efficient, polite , clean and considerate to me . As far as I can tell I have an efficient job carried out in one long day which helped me.

Jean, Surrey 19/11/2015

Very good job – as always

We have used the company for many years for 2 rental properties & our family home. We cannot fault them.

Stephen, Kent 19/06/2015

Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient

HW and CH knowledgeable, friendly and efficient company we would certainly recommend them.

John, Kent 01/06/2015

Reliable & professional company

Hot Water & Central Heating responded very promptly & installed a new boiler in a quite awkward location. Very helpful

Jerry, London 27/05/2015

Professional & efficient

I have known HW & CH for several years. They installed two large boilers in a church and hall and maintain them annually. I gave recently used them at my home where they did a very clean, neat and efficient job. Supplied excellent product and were very professional.

David, Kent 16/01/2015

Diligent & Efficient

Simon of HWCH takes his job very seriously but is a pleasure to deal with. He assessed our (complicated) situation carefully, recommended the right solution and carried it out promptly and efficiently.

Jay, London 15/01/2015

Expert & professional installation

An intimate knowledge of a rather complex Honeywell Evohome heating control product, combined with an excellent installation crew on the day resulted in a very satisfactory installation. Some tricky rerouting of underfloor pipework was accomplished without fuss, mess or extra charge, highly recommended.

Richard, East Sussex 04/07/2014

Very impressed

Very impressed with work rate and efficiency. Would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Neville, West Sussex 16/03/2014