Like anything else, boilers have a shelf life and if they start making strange noises or are failing to produce the right level of heat – it may be time to make a replacement. It may be the case that you have just moved into a new property and require a new boiler installation and this is where we can help.

Our boiler installation services

At Hot Water and Central Heating Limited, we pride ourselves on installing boilers professionally and as we install as many as 100 each year, you can expect a quality service from us. Many other boiler companies only install a few each year, so can easily get it wrong, but with our expertise, you can expect a high quality service at all times. With our knowledge of boilers, we can offer advice on which will are most suitable for your property and the level of maintenance you need.

Get in touch

If you want a boiler installation and would like to speak to us about this, you can reach us via the contact form on our website. We will get back to you to discuss your needs in more detail. Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 01732 866 282.

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017