Honeywell Evohome: Control heating of rooms individually, without changing pipework

Evohome:  The future of heating, designed in 1998, updated 2013, still no competitors

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We’ve installed over 200 Evohome systems in 2015.  No one has more experience.

Homeowners who don’t live in the latest eco homes, but yearn for reducing their heating and hot water bills, should take a look at Honeywell Evohome – the most innovative home eco control system.

Honeywell Evohome Specialists and installersThe main advantage of Evohome is it facilitates room by room control of heating without having to change any pipework or add wiring. For this, it divides the existing home heating system into 12 zones using radio controlled motorized thermostatic valves.

Honeywell Evohome proves to be an ideal solution in many different situations. For example, if you live in a typical British home where insulation and draught resistance are useless, or a listed building where alterations are nearly impossible –  or if you’re very much concerned about heating all the rooms for the entire day when you can physically use just 1 or 2 rooms simultaneously, the Evohome (shown above) can effectively deal with these situations by changing the way you heat your house, bringing the warmth back and saving fuel.

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What is involved?

By fitting a ‘Honeywell HR92 valve’ (shown right) to every radiator, you can switch to a Honeywell eco zoned heating system. If you’ve an underfloor heating system (wet type) in place, we can handle that as well.

With Honeywell Evohome, there is no need to change the pipework and boiler in the majority of cases. This comes in handy for properties where it is not acceptable to carry out major reconfiguration of pipework for accomplishing central heating zoning.

In addition, no wires will be required; a radio signal is used instead. The role of the controller is to control all 12 heating zones (and hot water) functions.

Most of the control functions can also be accessed via a smartphone using the Honeywell Total Control app.

We’ve done 12 zone, 24 zone and even 36 zone Evohome installations.  One of our customers has 5 Evohome installations across their properties, including one in St Moritz.

Where have we fitted it?

We controlled small homes, large homes, offices and churches with Evohome.

In terms of what we’ve controlled, just this year we’ve controlled around 4000 radiators, many warm air systems, fan convectors, electric radiant reflective ceilings, commercial boilers, domestic boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers and heat pumps.  In some instances we’ve controlled a mixture of the above in the same property.

One of our customers has put a 24 zone system in their house, reported a 35% energy saving, and then just had a 36 zone installation put in their own business offices (Dec 2015).

In a nutshell, Honeywell’s Evohome:

  • Brings down household energy consumption
  • Divides your radiators into individually controlled areas
  • Decreases emissions
  • Boosts comfort by channelling heating to areas where it is needed the most at a particular instant
  • Carries the brand name of Honeywell – the world leader in designing and manufacturing controls
  • Allows internet control of every area and hot water

What is Honeywell Hometronic?

Honeywell Hometronic specialist installationsHaving been in production since 1998, Honeywell Hometronic was a truly innovative product, and was the forerunner of Evohome. The speciality of this system includes the ability to control 16 zones of heating with the help of the radiator and underfloor heating actuators similar to Evohome, and the control of nearly any other device through relays and interface boxes. I installed Honeywell Hometronic in my own house in 2003, and in 2013 I made a switch to a Beta prototype of the new Evohome Colour WiFi.

We at Hot Water & Central Heating Ltd, have been installing Honeywell Hometronic for over a decade. In our Gallery page, you can come across instances of such installations. The interfaces of Hometronic allow for control via iPhone, iMac and PC. You can also integrate it into bespoke home automation systems.

Prior to the introduction of Evohome, Hometronic was the sole complete automated zoning control system available in the market. It is capable of adapting to several unique, non-standard applications and continues to coexist with Evohome. Nevertheless, the user controls of Hometronic are not as user-friendly or graphical in nature as Evohome, since it is an older model.

Evohome is simpler in scope but perfect for most UK typical housing stock, and intended to be used as a standalone product that will find wide acceptance from the common, non-technical homeowners. So for more advice or a quotation contact us, your Honeywell Evohome specialist.

What excites and delights our customers about Evohome?

  • it allows them to make the lounge warm in the evening
  • the bedroom warm in the morning
  • the kitchen warm for breakfast
  • while everywhere else in the house saves ££££s in oil or gas
  • Poorly installed radiators in extensions get warmer than before
  • it doesn’t control the entire house with one temperature knob, one timer
  • it is exceptionally easy to use (we’ve got customers >80yrs old)

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017