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Energy efficient central heating radiator installationRadiators used to be large iron units (known as ‘School Radiators’) which took a little time to warm up, but their full bore design, in conjunction with large diameter steel pipework, allowed systems to work by gravity circulation alone.

These were replaced by smaller panel radiators in the 1950s/60s, which were usually made from mild steel. Although described as radiators, most of the heat from a radiator is by convection.

In the 1970s panel radiators started to be produced with steel convector fins on the rear, which makes a significant improvement to their efficiency by encouraging more convection to take place.

Curved black radiator used in Central Heating Installations, TonbridgeVery little innovation has taken place since the 1970’s in the world of radiators; instead of welded top edges we can now have ‘roll tops’ which are potentially less injurious if you should be unlucky enough to fall on one.

‘Compact’ radiators are now the popular choice. These have a panelled in cover where the convector louvres are sited, which looks neater, and prevents items from being lodged inside. Ironically, ‘Compacts’ are not really any smaller than the normal type.

Hot Water & Central Heating recommend and fit the Vogel & Noot ‘Vienna Line’ range.  These Austrian built units have safe, easily cleaned curved edges, and a quaCentral Heating Installation economical radiator, Edenbridgelity paint finish.  Because Vogel & Noot were originally a packaging company, their radiators are always expertly protected from damage.

Other makes we have fitted and found to be well made include Stelrad, Purmo, Myson and the innovative Jaga Low H20 range.  Vogel & Noot, Myson and Purmo are all owned by the same group.

School Radiators:

Heating installations of vintage, refurbished school radiators, KentThese beautiful iron units are being removed in their hundreds by over zealous local authorities in schools and public buildings, and replaced with cheap and relatively short lived pressed steel units.

Safety guidelines encourage councils to fit “low surface temperature” radiators (a radiator in a tin outer box) because of the ‘risk of burns’ from standard units.

Iron school type radiators are the embodiment of sensible recycling.  Refurbished 1970’s school radiators are typically already 50 years old or more, and will carry on almost indefinitely.  Nothing looks as classy as a refurbished school radiator in a period setting.

We can supply and fit radiators in your choice of colour, in a variety of column depths and widths.  Radiators are made up to order from reclaimed units, our supplier has over 1000 radiators in stock awaiting refurbishment at any time.  School radiators are made from sectional castings, so they can be assembled to suit your requirements.

Each radiator is shotblasted, assembled to size, painted and pressure tested.

A selection of old pattern new brass valves with bakelite handles are available to complete the job.

Imported replicas are available but the quality of the castings are noticeably inferior to the original British made units.  We say buy reclaimed, and recycle our heritage.

Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails in a Central Heating InstallationTowel rails for bathrooms are usually tubular and have a low heat output for their size compared to radiators.

If you have a reasonable sized bathroom it is unwise to expect a ladder towel rail to generate enough warmth on a cold day.

A little known fact is that if you took two towel rails, identical bar the fact one is white and the other chrome, the white unit will have a 30% higher heat output.  So if you need a high output towel rail, ignore the chrome ones!

Bathroom towel rails are becoming a major ‘user chooser’ item, with a bewildering variety of designs available.  We can fit your towel rail, please call for details.

Radiator Valves

Manual Radiator Valves

Smart Home Honeywell radiator valve installationsWe use the Honeywell V120/15A.  This valve is a compact, proven design, offering great durability.

Furthermore, and almost uniquely, this manual radiator valve has an easy upgrade to a thermostatic valve head at a later date, see below.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves:

Thermostatic Radiator valve used in highly efficient central heating installations.The Honeywell Valencia Classic is not a cheap product, but justifies the investment with looks, reliability and build quality.

Honeywell VT200 thermostatic radiator valve

It uses the same valve base as the VH200 manual valve above.

So even after installation, a customer can upgrade their manual valves for thermostatic ones, without needing tools (or plumbers).

Intelligent Thermostatic Valves:

For some years, our customers have asked why there isn’t an intelligent radiator valve available, that could automatically turn down the heating when not required.

This type of product would have applications in most properties, for instance;

  • the upstairs radiators can be set to create less heat when you are downstairs
  • the lounge radiator can be cooler in the day, but warmer in the evenings
  • your home office can be warmer in the day, but cooler in the evening

See our Evohome page for details of intelligent radiator controls.

Honeywell HR92 intelligent radiator controller

We understand there is a lot to choose from, but we are a professional central heating installer and we can recommend and install the perfect heating system for your home. Simply tell us your needs, and we’ll know what’s right for you. If you’d like to know the areas that we cover in the South East, see our map.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017