Improving water supply and Acorn heating pipework issues

Our customer lives in a remote rural location near Warlingham, in Surrey, UK. They asked us to provide a proposal to update their old Grant boiler. Interestingly, it had rotted through a few years previously, and their heating technician had located a comparatively healthy heat secondhand heat exchanger in Cornwall, which he had successfully fitted. The ladder type steel radiators suffered from perpetual air and some had stopped working, others had lost the upper sections and were partially cold, something which venting could not cure. I was intrigued because although the system was fitted with a header tank, there was […]


A new Worcester Danesmoor, MultiCalor Warm Air, Radiators, Water pressure boosting…..

Today we are in a rural property in the Edenbridge/Tonbridge area of Kent. Our customer has recently moved back to the UK from working abroad.  He has bought a detached house in the middle of the Kent countryside. The subject of an extensive makeover in the last 20 years, this property had a Lennox oil fired warm air unit in the cellar, a Worcester standard efficiency boiler in the external cupboard, and a conventional hot water system. The warm air system was around 20 years old, and covered the two reception rooms , kitchen and hall areas. It was very […]


Anthracite boiler replaced Worcester Oil Boiler and Evohome

For today’s update we are in a remote part of Kent, not far from the famous Biggin Hill aerodrome. Our customer has lived for many years in this rural idyll, in a semi detached cottage. Up until now, he has used a Trianco boiler running on solid fuel, in this case anthracite.  The solid fuel boiler, located in the kitchen, is a relatively modern unit that greenies would now describe excitedly as a Biomass boiler.  It is relatively modern in so far as it has a fan assisted combustion system and the collection of ash is partially automated. Our customer […]


Oil boiler replacement in Surrey, new flue liner

We often come across an older boiler within a house where the flue runs through an existing chimney.  Many customers have been told that a modern condensing boiler can’t be fitted in such a location – but that is usually not the case. Somewhere near Gatwick (customer confidentiality means we don’t ever say where a domestic residence is located). What their installer means by saying it can’t be done is that they either;  have no experience, don’t know how it could be done, or simply can’t be bothered. Using an existing chimney does, in almost all cases, require the inside […]


End of terrace in Sevenoaks with water flow issues

We were called to an interesting refurbishment in Ide Hill, near Sevenoaks, Kent.   The house was in a very rural location at the end of a terrace of four victorian cottages. We couldn’t take any decent photos of the house at the time of the job because it was covered in scaffolding! The property was being updated and renovated;  as space was tight the customer wanted to remove water tanks and the hot water cylinder from the house and at the same time replace the old oil boiler in a shed on the other side of the entrance pathway. […]


No place like home, EvoHome

This is a post closer to home.  In fact it is my home! Our house in Edenbridge, Kent is heated by an Archie Kidd (Thermal) Ltd oil fired boiler, and has around 26 radiators.  It was built in 1894 and heating it is an expensive business, because our insulation is hard to improve. In 2005 we installed Honeywell Hometronic.  This is a system that uses remote control radiator valves to divide the house into 16 areas of controlled heating.  This enabled us to reduce the heating level in rooms we weren’t using in the day, but warm them in the […]


New model Worcester-Bosch Danesmoor external

In our previous post we described the unfortunate experience of my brother in law, in Nantwich, where he had a Worcester-Bosch Danesmoor installed by a registered installer, and got a particularly shoddy job.   This post is hopefully a better example, because it was one of our installations! Our customer is in the Gatwick area (south east England) and lives in a detached chalet bungalow. He had an older Worcester 14/19 internal oil boiler, which had developed a problem which rendered it beyond economic repair.  It also necessitated removal of a granite worktop whenever anything significant required attention, so our […]


Large old listed country house – 155Kw boiler system renewal

We’ve just replaced the boiler plant in a very large country residence in Sussex (July 2013). The old oil fired Worcester Bosch system heated the house, which was mainly comprised of 60 yr old radiators and large bore steel pipe, as an entire single entity without any zone control.  The oil bill (no mains gas here) was £12K per annum. Our customer looked at a number of options, but liked our approach best.  Our unique proposal was to improve the efficiency of the boiler room by using weather compensation and load sharing – reduce consumption of oil and increase comfort, […]


Oil fired 1969 warm air heater replacement in Chatham, Kent

We were asked to look at a very cold house on the outskirts of Chatham by an older gentleman, whose heating had failed.  The warm air system dated back to the mid 1960s, when the house was built.  Spares being no longer available, the warm air unit had given it’s last and the house was freezing. The hot water system was similarly antiquated, using a vapourising pot oil burner in the utility room to heat a conventional hot water cylinder upstairs via an indirect water coil. There aren’t many options when it comes to domestic oil fired warm air.  Lennox […]


Outside boiler in Kent

Hello and welcome to our latest post.  This job, undertaken during the Olympics, was on a listed property in Four Elms, Kent.   It is an oil boiler (we seem to be doing lots of these at the moment), a Perrymatics Jetstreme MkII, and the owners of the property fancied updating it with a new high efficiency model, and relocating it outside the property. As usual, we were pleased to oblige!  The Jetstreme was removed from the rear office area creating significantly more room, and also making the house quieter.  The old boiler was an ‘open flue’ type so there […]

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017