New Vaillant VRC470 weather compensation controller

  This house in South East London has recently been bought by our customers.  Finding a few recommendations for our services on the ‘Virtual Norwood’ local community website (thanks, whoever you were!) our customers asked us to specify and quote for a modern combination boiler based replacement for an old ‘heat only’ Gloworm boiler and hot water cylinder.  They weren’t best pleased because the Gloworm boiler had thrown in the towel within hours of them moving in, and the weather is not kind in late January. Our clients wanted the most fuel efficient solution available, which meant equipping their boiler […]


New Vaillant combination boiler in Redhill

Our client is based in the USA and rents a property (their UK home) where there was an old Ariston combination boiler in the cellar. We advised them to fit a new Vaillant ecoTEC+ 831 combination boiler, because it is a well built unit and reliable for a lettings customer.  All our Vaillant installations benefit from a 5 Year manufacturer parts and labour warranty.  We have fitted a few hundred of the Vaillant ecoTEC+ combi over the past five years and found it to be a reliable product. The system was fully Powerflushed, and the new boiler fitted.  A Vaillant […]


Cellar Boiler in ground floor flat refurbishment

The old Potterton Netaheat had failed and had been sited in a very rough fashion halfway down some cellar steps. The hot water cylinder was located above the cellar on a raised floor, which would have been the first landing of the stairs in the Victorian property’s original layout. Sited in Caterham, Surrey, it would be fair to say that the heating system had been bodged up by the previous owner, along with the electrical work.  Various leaking parts had seen the attention of a silicon mastic gun, including radiator valves. Our customer rather liked the idea of fitting a […]


Warm Air removed and replaced with radiators

Our client had a three storey town house in Beckenham, Kent.  Built in the 1970s, it had been fitted with a Johnson & Starley warm air system from new. Now theres’s nothing wrong with warm air heating, and we fit the latest US Lennox condensing units for the more discerning customers.  But in common with many properties of this era, economies had been made with the ductwork, resulting in no direct heating of the third bedroom or bathroom. Our customer had recently bought the property, and faced the choice of many similar households wondering whether to replace the warm air […]


Low flow rate solved for Vaillant 937 installation

Our customer, in Woldingham, Surrey, had recently purchased a property with a conventional tank fed water system. They wished to remove a couple of shower pumps and the water tanks and install a direct fed pressurized water system.  The problem was that the water flow rate into the property was around 9-10 litres per minute.  There was also a limited space to fit the entire boiler plant into. We had to boost the flow rate as well as provide the new boiler plant, all within a single cupboard.  We chose to fit a wall hung Vaillant ecoTEC 937, which is […]


Large Vaillant Combi in loft

Our customer owns a terraced town house in London SE19. He had considered a solar hot water system in the loft, as he wanted to minimise his family impact on the environment;  with solar hot water it is important to maximise the hot water storage, or you quickly run out of solar heated water and have to use the boiler. Unfortunately, the design of these properties leaves a low headroom in the loft, restricting the size of cylinder, and there is limited weight capacity for large volumes of water. So, instead, he decided to fit the Vaillant ecoTEC+ 937 hybrid […]


Heritage Cooker, Vaillant 937 combi and underfloor heating

Our client has a woodworking business and was constructing an imaginative barn type conversion for their property, with lots of oak beams in an unusual semi circular design. Firstly, we installed a Heritage Cooker in the existing kitchen.  Fitted with brass trim and a Jade Green enamelled finish, it was also specified with body colour hotplate covers. This particular Heritage Cooker was a gas fired unit, most of the Heritages we fit are oil fired in very rural locations. In common with all 3 oven Heritage units, the control panel concealed behind the upper left hand door enables the unit […]


New boiler in Tunbridge Wells flat

Our customer had just bought a flat in Tunbridge Wells.  The old Ferroli combination boiler was past it’s best and had been built into a rather ugly wooden housing about 2 feet from the corner of the kitchen, conveniently preventing a line of shiney new kitchen units from being installed. The siting of the old boiler had been necessary because it used the old ‘balanced flue’ type termination, which involves an outside termination to British Standards, avoiding two windows.  At it happens, the boiler flue termination was too close to the kitchen window anyway. New boiler being installed We fitted a […]


Vaillant combination boiler in loft with weather compensation

Our client owns a bungalow down a private road in Smallfield, Surrey. HWCH were asked to suggest a new gas central heating system design, to replace the existing electrical heating system. A Vaillant ecoTEC 837 fast flow combination boiler was sited in the loft; as no suitable locations existed, we constructed a frame with a fire resistant lining to support the boiler and accessories. Vaillant 837 Combination boiler mounted in the loft (work in progress) The boiler flue was passed through the pitched roof, all external works as usual were entrusted to our specialist roofing contractor. The job included 10 […]

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Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017