Today we are in the Crystal Palace region of South London. Our customer has a J&S Economaire 50 warm air unit.

Over the last few years the unit has become somewhat unreliable and needed resetting frequently. Her warm air maintenance company had made some ultimately unsuccessful efforts to improve it, so it was time to replace.

Economaire unit

We recommended a MultiCalor Udara 15Kw downflow unit, this is from a manufacturer we are familiar with, having fitted many of their MC range air handling units over the last 10 years.

Bradley inspecting the Udara while the flue being completed

The Udara range was launched three years ago and features a wide range of outputs and also covers upflow and downflow models. All J&S Economaire units were downflow only, which means the recirculated air from the property travels downwards through the heater to be heated, before being ducted into the rooms.


The Udara has a colour touchscreen interface, this provides the customer with a clear indication of how it is working. It also allows the customer to fine tune the fan speed, which whilst continuously variable, will allow minimum and maximum percentage speeds to be set. In practice, the fans are so efficient that one rarely needs to set the maximum speed to over 80%.

Remote thermostat

Udara comes with a remote wired digital control panel allowing scheduling of temperatures and timings. It also provides some engineering data for the annual service.

Flue air and combustion outlet detail

We completed the changeover in around one day, leaving our customer with a fully working, efficient condensing unit.

Ricky putting the lid on, home beckons

It was dark when we left, and really cold outside!

Warm house again

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