New warm air unit replaces Johnson & Starley Economaire

Today we are in the Crystal Palace region of South London. Our customer has a J&S Economaire 50 warm air unit. Over the last few years the unit has become somewhat unreliable and needed resetting frequently. Her warm air maintenance company had made some ultimately unsuccessful efforts to improve it, so it was time to replace. We recommended a MultiCalor Udara 15Kw downflow unit, this is from a manufacturer we are familiar with, having fitted many of their MC range air handling units over the last 10 years. The Udara range was launched three years ago and features a wide […]


New Lennox warm air heater in Bromley

Warm air, or Hot Air heating, is where heated air is recirculated from the house, through a heating bank, and then back into the house again.  It uses a network of ducts, usually in a ‘tree and branch’ formation in a domestic property. The heat bank could be heated directly by Gas, LPG, Electricity or Oil (indeed, there are a few other options as well). Installed correctly, using the latest equipment, warm air has the ability to be arguably the most efficient way to heat a space.  This is because there is only one transfer of energy, from the original […]


A new Worcester Danesmoor, MultiCalor Warm Air, Radiators, Water pressure boosting…..

Today we are in a rural property in the Edenbridge/Tonbridge area of Kent. Our customer has recently moved back to the UK from working abroad.  He has bought a detached house in the middle of the Kent countryside. The subject of an extensive makeover in the last 20 years, this property had a Lennox oil fired warm air unit in the cellar, a Worcester standard efficiency boiler in the external cupboard, and a conventional hot water system. The warm air system was around 20 years old, and covered the two reception rooms , kitchen and hall areas. It was very […]


Rinnai water heater

There are times when it would be nice to relocate everything outside, giving more room internally. Our customer, near Ashford, Kent UK, had already engaged us to fit a warm air unit in an outside cupboard in 2013, using a high efficiency Lennox G61MPVT condensing unit. This has performed admirably, so when a water heating upgrade was required, he turned to us.   As things stood, the hot water was heated by electrical immersions and stored in a cylinder on the ground floor, fed by a water tank in the loft. Our customer wanted mains pressure hot water on demand, […]


Listed building with warm air heating, new iron rads and Evohome zoning

Our customer in South London owned a Grade II listed building.  It had been extended over the years but still retained many original features. Interestingly from a heating perspective, it had warm air on the ground floor, and no heating on the 1st and 2nd floors, just a couple of towel rails.  The warm air was provided by a downflow Lennox open flue unit, and the hot water and towel rails by an Ideal Classic wall hung boiler.   A domestic gas meter fed the building, so to limit costs and upheaval it was important that we ended up with […]


Worcester Bosch Warm Air?

Interesting split level house in Kenley For this post we are in the hills of Kenley. Surrey (UK).  Our customer has recently bought this house, which is on four levels and was constructed in the early 1970s. The brief was to renew the warm air system (the customer did not want radiators) but put in a more efficient system that could also heat up a much larger hot water cylinder quickly. The existing system used a Lennox gas warm air heater and an electric heated hot water cylinder.  The customer had noticed that although there was a prominent air duct […]


Warm air and radiators, one property, one boiler

For this post, we are in Fetcham, in the area of Leatherhead, Surrey. Our customer had a 1970s house that has been comprehensively updated, including a significant extension which was built around 12 yrs ago with radiators. The existing part of the property retained the original warm air heating, in this case using an old Lennox G8 unit under the hallway stairs. Hot water was provided by a conventional cylinder, this was heated by the boiler being used for radiators, a Baxi Solo 3, in the garage. The warm air unit had been the subject of various warning notices over […]


Oil fired 1969 warm air heater replacement in Chatham, Kent

We were asked to look at a very cold house on the outskirts of Chatham by an older gentleman, whose heating had failed.  The warm air system dated back to the mid 1960s, when the house was built.  Spares being no longer available, the warm air unit had given it’s last and the house was freezing. The hot water system was similarly antiquated, using a vapourising pot oil burner in the utility room to heat a conventional hot water cylinder upstairs via an indirect water coil. There aren’t many options when it comes to domestic oil fired warm air.  Lennox […]


A combination boiler with warm air solution in Orpington, Kent.

Although we do over 100 boiler installations each year, we only feature a very small selection on our installation gallery.  Quite simply, this is because many are very similar in scope and our web site would become very repetitive. Today we are at a 1960s property, in a village near Orpington, Kent. This case study involves a customer who desired instantaneous high flow hot water, and also had a Lennox gas warm air heater (dating from the 1960s) which needed to be replaced. We could have removed their gas water heater (long expired) and hot water storage cylinder, and fitted […]


An unusual warm air job using a Bosch Greenstar boiler

This is a house in a remote location near Maidstone, Kent.  Some 200 years old, it was bought in a semi derelict condition over 35 years ago by the present owner, whose late husband was an architect.  He remodelled and partially rebuilt the house, retaining all the period charm, but incorporating modern upgrades, including adding ducted warm air heating. The heating plant room was around the back of the house in an external cupboard, and the original warm air unit (oil fired) was replaced around 14 years ago by a local contractor.  This 1990s unit, a Lennox oil fired cabinet, […]

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017