Large old listed country house – 155Kw boiler system renewal

We’ve just replaced the boiler plant in a very large country residence in Sussex (July 2013). The old oil fired Worcester Bosch system heated the house, which was mainly comprised of 60 yr old radiators and large bore steel pipe, as an entire single entity without any zone control.  The oil bill (no mains gas here) was £12K per annum. Our customer looked at a number of options, but liked our approach best.  Our unique proposal was to improve the efficiency of the boiler room by using weather compensation and load sharing – reduce consumption of oil and increase comfort, […]


Hometronic system transforms comfort in Godalming property

  Godalming is a beautifully rural part of Surrey, UK.  This house in located in an isolated position, and was purchased by the present owners a couple of years ago.  One of the things that had never been successful with this lovely house was the heating.  Radiators worked, then they didn’t work at all, seemingly at random.  There were a few electric and LPG heaters evident when I did the home survey – it was a cold house. Our customer is a senior creative figure in the electronic gaming arts industry, and he wanted to have zone based control of […]


Large Townhouse in Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, South London, UK, was a Victorian haven for the well to do, formerly known as Sydenham Hill.   The area has been named after the amazing glass and iron building designed by Joseph Paxton, which is no longer with us having been destroyed by fire in 1936.  The ornamental gardens associated with the huge exhibition area live on in rather reduced grandeur;  the two massive water towers which powered the ornamental fountains and survived the fire were dismantled in the 2nd World War because it was believed they were being used as bombing navigational aids. The area has […]


Viessmann Boiler upgrade and Honeywell EvoHome

Today we are removing a 12 year old Keston condensing gas boiler (don’t see many lasting that long!) and replacing it with a Viessmann WB1B 19Kw compact boiler.  Our customer lives in Redhill, Surrey, and is what you would call an early adopter, as he understand technology and the benefits it can bring.  He fitted a Trisave condensing boiler in the mid 80’s, then the Keston and now wanted a well made reliable boiler.   Enter the Viessmann!  He can’t believe how quiet the Viessmann is! We are also changing all the controls, fitting a few new radiators, and fitting […]


Energy Management upgrade to Surrey property

For this update, we are near Dorking in Surrey, UK. Our customer had a large house with around 26 radiators, we had been contacted because they had an Archie Kidd Thermal gas boiler that needed a service, and we are the regional experts for this unit. Amusingly, they had been informed from the previous owner that the boiler was an expensive unit that represented the very best boiler that money could buy.  When they examined it, it looked like an industrial antique and they were a bit sceptical. Truth is, the previous owner was right!  Still available today, these boilers […]


Major refurbishment in Woldingham, Surrey

Our client has bought a 1960s house in the well regarded village of Woldingham, Surrey, and embarked on a major remodelling of all services and interiors. When finished, the building will incorporate a modern kitchen, and comprehensively remodelled interiors. We have assisted our customer in the selection of the heating system, but they have also contributed much to the specification, including the innovative Jaga Strada ‘low H20’ high efficiency radiators. HWCH will be fitting a large underfloor heating grid on the ground floor, a 46Kw Viessmann 200 series light commercial boiler, accumulator boosted DualStream hot and cold water system, all controlled […]


Water pressure system in Bletchingley

This job was in a large house which had two open flued water heaters on the 1st floor providing hot water to the bathrooms. Our customer wanted the old gas appliances removed for safety reasons, and also desired a mains pressure system to feed his new baths and showers, instead of the noisy and unreliable pumped system. We recommended a DualStream accumulator fed unvented system.  The accumulator (which boosts the available water flow rate in the house) was fitted in one airing cupboard, and a 300 litre unvented cylinder was fitted in the other. The accumulator fed system discharges water […]


Large Viessmann and underfloor heating in Woldingham

This customer was having a large extension fitted on the rear of the property, in the form of a wooden Amdega conservatory. We suggested that water based underfloor heating would be far cheaper to run, and more effective than the electric matting recommended by the conservatory builder. The old 50Kw Potterton commercial boiler was removed and replaced with a top quality Viessmann 300 49Kw system boiler with KM bus varispeed pump. The house suffered from inadequate heating in the triple aspect bedroom and lounge, and also the large number of rooms meant that heat was being wasted during the day when […]


Vaillant boiler kills bills in East Croydon

Our customer had a large detached house in East Croydon, Surrey. Their existing boiler (an old Ideal Mexico open flued unit) was located in a cupboard in one of the reception rooms, taking up lots of room and making the roof uncomfortably warm in the summer. As far as our customer was concerned, there was only one place for his new boiler, and that was the roof space. We constructed a vertical platform for the boiler and control equipment, and as per company policy we used the services of our roofing subcontractor to pass the Vaillant flue through the roof […]


Grant Vortex boiler, Two DualStream units and Hometronic

Our client, a farm near Tadworth, Surrey, had an older boiler running two gravity hot water cylinders. The spacious house had a fully equipped annexe with its own hot water provision. We specifified two DualStream accumulator fed systems, which would replace the old noisy shower pumps and provide a silent, fast flow fresh water service to all outlets. In the main house we relocated the hot and cold water services into an attic room, to liberate more room downstairs for a bedroom enlargement. The other DualStream was sited in the annexe. The whole system was powered by a new Grant […]

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Work

Excellent work , the workers were very efficient, considerate and tidy. They worked with the least disruption possible for an elderly lady. Any unexpected problem was dealt with safely and professionally. The finished heating is to a high standard. K.T. Kent

Jennie 05/05/2017