Today we are removing a 12 year old Keston condensing gas boiler (don’t see many lasting that long!) and replacing it with a Viessmann WB1B 19Kw compact boiler.  Our customer lives in Redhill, Surrey, and is what you would call an early adopter, as he understand technology and the benefits it can bring.  He fitted a Trisave condensing boiler in the mid 80’s, then the Keston and now wanted a well made reliable boiler.

The Keston has gone, we just need to remove all the timers etc underneath…..


Enter the Viessmann!  He can’t believe how quiet the Viessmann is!

Ta-da! New Viessmann boiler arrives

We are also changing all the controls, fitting a few new radiators, and fitting our first Honeywell Evohome control system, which was launched earlier in 2012.

Honeywell Evohome controller

Evohome is very similar to Honeywell Hometronic, and like Hometronic it uses radio networked radiator valves to give zoned heating control around the house.  Hometronic can give up to 16 areas separate control, whereas Evohome can do up to 8.  Since we’re going to get some calls asking what the differences are, in essence the Hometronic unit is for larger houses and can be customised to control all sorts of different things.  It has a older style control panel but it is easy to use.  Evohome (at the time of this post August 2012) has more limited ability to integrate into bespoke applications, but the user interface is much more modern and features a monochrome touchscreen tablet.  It has guided menus and graphics and once set up, would be a pleasure for a householder to use.

Of course, the purpose of this product is to increase comfort in hard to heat rooms, and to reduce energy losses by restricting which areas of the house are warmed according to the time of day, and the day of the week.

Mr L with his new state of the art control system. It was one of the hottest days in July, as you can see.

Our customer agreed to pose with the unit, as I felt my installation blog was a bit impersonal.

The Evohome unit will display each zone in your own words, eg: “Simon’s bedroom”.   It will display the actual hot water temperature in the cylinder.  It is compatible with combination boilers, gas boilers, oil boilers.  The one touchscreen (which is portable) will control all a house ot water and heating requirements.  Currently unvented cylinders are not supported, but that will come later.