We have been very busy over the last year, converting a number of church campuses over to Honeywell Evohome zoning, as well as in many cases updating the boiler plant at the same time.

Evohome was originally designed for domestic use, allowing a room by room control of heating.  We’ve found that sophisticated commercial heating control systems are great if you employ a dedicated plant room manager – but for many light commercial applications, it is simply too complex for those expected to control it.

There are huge energy savings to be made by only heating the areas in use at certain times of the day. Many churches incorporate halls and other function rooms in addition to the primary place of worship, and Evohome presents a very simple way to manage this, well within everyone’s grasp.

Typically there will be a central control panel, locked away in a cupboard or an office.

Evohome control panel

Then, in each area, a simple thermostat will be fitted.

Local Evohome thermostat

Users of the halls can make their own temperature selection if it pleases them;  but it will always be cancelled by the ‘schedule’ in the control panel – which prevents the old problem of someone turning the heating up to 30C and it being on all night.

The church management team can monitor the temperatures and set weekly schedules without leaving home.

Energy savings come from two sources;

  1. the ability to prevent heating from being left on in an unoccupied building
  2. by only heating a proportion of the building, the gas (or oil) usage is reduced to a similar proportion

Here are a selection of examples from 2016 of church buildings controlled by Evohome, after consultation with Hot Water & Central Heating Ltd;

Montpelier Evangelical Church, Croydon;

New 26 radiator heating system, Worcester Bosch boiler plant, 12 zone Evohome.

Purley Baptist Church, Purley, Surrey;

Purley Baptist Church (main building)

New Worcester Bosch boiler system to replace part of old boiler room, rationalising of existing commercial boiler plant room, 3 zones of Evohome control.

Emmanuel Church, Sidcup, Kent:

Emmanuel Church

Installation of new Dunham-Bush fan convectors, remodelling of heating system with low surface temperature radiators, Honeywell Evohome 4 zone remote control.

St Johns United Reformed Church, Orpington, Kent:

St Johns URC Orpington

Alteration of 4 zones system to Evohome control.

St Johns Hildenborough, Kent;

St Johns Church, Hildenborough, Kent

2 Evohome base units, 6 zones of remote controlled Evohome heating, including two commercial gas boilers on two sites plus electric radiant heating.