Today we are at the dentists;  Brenchley Dental, which is (unsurprisingly) in Brenchley, near Royal Tunbridge Wells.

This is a very busy practice, sited in an attractive building that was once, many years ago, a rural telephone exchange.

Lots of customers here, so they must do a good job!

The dentists have three surgeries here, but want to add a fourth.  In order to accommodate this expansion, an office needed to be moved and there was an old Trianco boiler in the way, together with an elderly hot water cylinder in a wall cupboard.  Receptionists were feeling the heat from these items in the summer, too.

Originally, Brenchley Dental were intending to resite the new boiler in another room, but we suggested a Worcester-Bosch external oil combination boiler, called a Greenstar Heatslave MkII.  In this way all the boiler plant would be moved outside, leaving the maximum internal space, whilst removing the water tanks in the loft area that required regular chlorination.

We carried out all the work while the surgeries were live, so a small area of the car park was taken over for our vehicles and materials, and work got underway preparing a base for the boiler.

Let work commence

In three days, the new boiler will be here somewhere


We usually like to create a rigid concrete base, and then top it off with some decorative slabs, and this job was done in our usual way.

Foundations underway


The system was powerflushed using a combination of our Norstrom Powerflush unit and the excellent Adey Magnacleanse system, to remove contaminants from the pipework and radiators.  The Norstrom machines we use cause the turbulence, the Adey vibraclean vibrates the radiators, and finally the Magnacleanse pulls out all the waste in one pass.  It’s a large set of plant to use but very, very effective.

With the Worcester Bosch external models, a neat pipe duct is used to link to the building

We fitted the Worcester Bosch System Filter indoors to catch any remaining detritus over the years.

Finally, the completed system was handed over to our customers, together with a free 7 year duration parts and labour manufacturer warranty.

Details of internal controls during commissioning

Our dentist customer said the workmanship was excellent.