Another Grade II listed job for HWCH; our client had an old Worcester Bosch oil boiler in an external cupboard. This had unfortunately been unreliable in recent years.

Our client wanted a reliable, energy efficient solution, with low emissions and a long service life. A Kidd Model 2 was specified, together with the Kidd seam welded aluminium flue, to pass up inside the existing chimney.

The house was covered in hand made clay tiles and we wanted to cause minimal disruption, so we used a truck mounted crane to access the chimney, remove the old liner and insert the Kidd welded flue.

The Kidd flue was sealed and rivetted at ground level and then inserted from above, insulation material was then poured into the voids of the chimney, and the top resealed.
Our specification involved taking this opportunity to separate the top/ground floor zone control to the heating, using the Honeywell CM907 programmable thermostats.

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