We are in the Camberwell area, close to London.

Now, where did I leave those ladders?

Our customers have a lovely Victorian house, but unfortunately, the boiler and the hot water cylinder are in a cupboard in the master bedroom.

9 year old Vaillant ecoTEC630 was removed

This makes the room unnecessarily warm in the summer, and of course, you can hear the boiler operating.

Our customers wished, if possible, to relocate the boiler into the cellar area. Unfortunately the cellar area was underground, with no apertures to ground level, and it had no drainage. And restricted headroom. So that’s all good then.

We found a small bookcase in the hallway that had originally used a chimney recess and realised we could use part of this to escape from the cellar and run the flue into the adjacent passageway.

New flue passing into ground floor cupboard area
New flue outside view, fitted with basket and ‘plume management’ device to lift up combustion products

We specified a Worcester Bosch Classic System 30Kw, which we supply with a 10yr manufacturer warranty.

There was also an issue with the unvented cylinder emergency discharge pipe, known as the ‘D2’. In order to allow this to be compliant we specified a special high temperature discharge pump. This can be tested each year with a tap we have mounted nearby to simulate a water loss situation.

Stainless steel high temperature D2 pump

The cylinder used was our favourite unit, a Fabdec Excelsior 3S. This cylinder uses a patented air venturi to recharge its’ internal air space, negating the normal maintenance issues of flat expansion vessels or depleted air buffers. Genius, from the patent holders of the better known Megaflo floating baffle from 30 years ago. They have changed the cylinder market twice, simply amazing.

New Worcester 30CDi system boiler and Fabdec Excelsior 3S cylinder

Finally, we rounded it all off with a multi heating zone Evohome.

Most boiler wiring is a lash up, we try a bit harder.
Evohome 12 zone and Hot Water control