Our customer had just bought a flat in Tunbridge Wells. 

The old Ferroli combination boiler was past it’s best and had been built into a rather ugly wooden housing about 2 feet from the corner of the kitchen, conveniently preventing a line of shiney new kitchen units from being installed.

The siting of the old boiler had been necessary because it used the old ‘balanced flue’ type termination, which involves an outside termination to British Standards, avoiding two windows.  At it happens, the boiler flue termination was too close to the kitchen window anyway.

New boiler being installed

We fitted a new Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 831 combination boiler.  These can be fitted with a small diverter pipe outside to lead the flue gases to a higher level, leaving just the air inlet for the boiler near to the window.  Vaillant allow such installations to get as close as 75mm to an opening window, significantly increasing installation flexibility.

We were able to turn the boiler through 90 degrees from the old position (you can see the old rectangular flue aperture in the picture, denoting the old boiler position), enabling our customer to install a lovely new kitchen with wall units all along the right hand wall.

The boiler was connected to the Powerflushed pipework and radiators, which although 30 years old, were in excellent condition.

Powerflushing is perhaps amongst the most dull jobs in the World, but a clean system makes boilers last longer and more reliably.  With our 5 year manufacturer warranty, this installation will be going strong for many years.