Sun is out- for a change

We were asked to look at a very cold house on the outskirts of Chatham by an older gentleman, whose heating had failed.  The warm air system dated back to the mid 1960s, when the house was built.  Spares being no longer available, the warm air unit had given it’s last and the house was freezing.

Warm air unit on the left, Water Heater on the right. Bet you haven’t got this in your utility room!

The hot water system was similarly antiquated, using a vapourising pot oil burner in the utility room to heat a conventional hot water cylinder upstairs via an indirect water coil.

There aren’t many options when it comes to domestic oil fired warm air.  Lennox no longer sell oil fired systems for the UK (although they continue to produce them in other markets) and whilst there are a few European offerings, none have a hot water solution.

New MultiCalor MC30 Warm Air Unit, with new ductwork to adapt to ceiling aperture; and Worcester Greenstar oil boiler to the right

Bearing this in mind we recommended using a Worcester Bosch conventional oil fired boiler, using this to heat the hot water cylinder (which had been replaced recently) and coupling it up to a MultiCalor air handling unit.  The MultiCalor MC30 is a sophisticated inverter driven warm air unit; but it doesn’t use gas or oil as a fuel, it uses hot water.  Hot water from a boiler is circulated through a high density copper finned radiator, and the air is circulated by a sophisticated varispeed fan.  In commercial buildings this is a common method of heating and cooling, and called a ‘fan coil’ or ‘Air Handling Unit’, but for domestic applications we are one of a small number of installers using them.

new MultiCalor unit close up from back doorway

The advantages are no flue system, very quiet running, no combustion air ventilation, and a single mainstream boiler (gas or oil) can be used to feed it.  That single boiler can also be connected to hot water systems and radiators, so if you live in a house with warm air and a radiator system, we can run both off one single boiler.

Worcester Bosch Camray Greenstar 18.25 oil boiler

Our customer was very pleased to receive some heat after over 2 months of enduring miserable conditions.  Now there is only one boiler to service each year, and a far more efficient oil usage than before.

New flue aperture and oil filter/fire valve layout

Like all our Worcester Bosch installations, the boiler will be covered by an extended 7 year parts and labour warranty.

Lastly, a nice view from the back door!