Our client owns a bungalow down a private road in Smallfield, Surrey.

HWCH were asked to suggest a new gas central heating system design, to replace the existing electrical heating system.

A Vaillant ecoTEC 837 fast flow combination boiler was sited in the loft; as no suitable locations existed, we constructed a frame with a fire resistant lining to support the boiler and accessories.

Vaillant 837 Combination boiler mounted in the loft (work in progress)

The boiler flue was passed through the pitched roof, all external works as usual were entrusted to our specialist roofing contractor.

The job included 10 Vogel & Noot radiators, and the new Vaillant VRC430 weather compensation system.

We are great believers in the principle of weather compensation; that is, changing the temperature of the radiators according to external weather conditions to the lowest possible. The simple benefit of such a system is that your boiler is always working in the highest efficiency band possible, so you use the minimum amout of fuel – and give off the least emissions.

A properly installed Weather Compensation system does not lower the room temperatures from optimum, so there is no trade off in comfort terms.

We just wish the manufacturers would make it easier for homeowners to understand!

Vaillant VRC430 weather compensated heating and hot water controller

The new Vaillant VRC430 is a huge improvement on their previous controller (VRC400) in this respect.

As a footnote, we have subsequently received very nice letter from our client – a copy of which is available in our office for inspection!