Interesting split level house in Kenley

For this post we are in the hills of Kenley. Surrey (UK).  Our customer has recently bought this house, which is on four levels and was constructed in the early 1970s.

The brief was to renew the warm air system (the customer did not want radiators) but put in a more efficient system that could also heat up a much larger hot water cylinder quickly.

The existing system used a Lennox gas warm air heater and an electric heated hot water cylinder.  The customer had noticed that although there was a prominent air duct in the kitchen, no warm air came out of it.  In fact, it seemed to suck air in.  The kitchen was very cold in the winter.

The outgoing Lennox warm air heater, the skip beckons…..

We realised that someone must have connected an outlet into the wrong duct;  in this case so that air was being drawn in to be recirculated through the kitchen.   This obviously circulates cooking smells throughout the house and could be used to spread smoke from a fire.

New MC20 warm air heater (water heated)

The new MultiCalor unit is a varispeed inverter driven fan coil, we fit a significant number of these to both oil and gas boilers.

The new power source, a Worcester Bosch 24i System Boiler. This will provide heat for the warm air and hot water cylinder

We managed to fit a Worcester-Bosch 24i System Boiler above the new warm air unit;  this will provide the heating energy for the Multicalor as well as the new hot water cylinder upstairs.

We fitted a new outlet, this time to the supply duct rather than the ‘return air’ suction side. This would make the kitchen warm for once.

Ductwork was professionally carried out as usual, we also supplied a new register to keep the kitchen warm (bottom right).

New ductwork in place

The new hot water cylinder, Evohome temperature sensor and Worcester filter were installed in the airing cupboard.

New Gledhill copper cylinder, 215 litre, high quality non CFC insulation and Evohome temperature sensor

Evohome was used to control the warm air and the hot water system.  This colour touchscreen unit was the 20th of these to be fitted by us since the launch in February 2014 (this post was on 11 April) so we are very successful with these.  Full internet control of the warm air and hot water is therefore included, our customers in this case use an Android app;  there is also an iPhone/iPad app.  Multiple users can have access to the unit, and multiple sites can be controlled remotely too!

The warm air heating and hot water cylinder controlled via Evohome Colour. This system was also linked to the customer’s Android smartphones.

The boiler was supplied with an 8yr Worcester-Bosch parts and labour warranty, so apart from annual servicing, the unit will be covered until 2022.